Psychotherapy & Supervision

Therapy Services

Specializing in work with first responders, medical and mental health professionals and veterans addressing issues of stress, trauma, work and relationship functioning.

Supervision of licensed mental health professionals - advanced clinical training, consultation, and professional development.


Are you looking for an engaging, fun, science-based speaker for your next event? Do you need a keynote speaker or a break-out session leader to really wow your audience and leave them with concrete, easy-to-implement tools to increase personal and career success?


Time to make a change? Don't yet have the life you really want? Ready to say goodbye to stress? Individual and group coaching available.

Ready to decrease stress and increase resilience?

A few audience comments:

"This was the BEST presentation of the day.  You are an excellent speaker!"

"Dr. Hallett has this personal language that gives us information that helps us learn.  Things that life will teach us and what we should expect!!  Dr. Hallett has a way of getting to our thoughts and teaches us so much about life.  Thank you!"

"I always enjoy Dr. Hallett.  She is very engaging  and breaks down whatever the subject may be so we fully understand. I appreciated the skills she taught us.  She says to Consider the Source, Own it, Know your Strengths.  Great spirit!!"

Grounded in Science

Dr. Hallett is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Bay Path University in Longmeadow, MA.  In addition to teaching, she provides workshops and seminars to both professional audiences and the general public.  Dr. Hallett has published widely across professional peer-reviewed journals and general media.