Dr. Hallett, speaking at the Speaker Salon, Triad Theater, NYC Fall 2019

Dr. Hallett, speaking at the Speaker Salon, Triad Theater, NYC Spring 2019

Valuing yourself as a speaker - on The Big Talk NYC podcast

Dr. Hallett joins Tricia Brouk on The Big Talk NYC podcast 

Speaking at Asnuntuck College - REWIRE Your Brain for Success

Kickin' It with Daree - Being Your Own Best Friend 

Join the conversation on Dr. Hallett's podcast

Be Awesome - Own Your Flawesome

Celebrating Mental Health and Wellness

Here's what others have said about Dr. Hallett's speaking:

“Dr. Hallett made a presentation at our annual company meeting, providing tips for using our own culture core values to engage our clientele and employees and appreciate the hard work of our office and field staffs. The presentation included an excellent talk and great visuals to support the concepts she presented, and was tailored to our business and operations.

Dr. Hallett’s talk was lively and engaging, and was well received by our staff.  Dr. Hallett has a personable and dynamic speaking style, and was adept at engaging the staff with activities throughout the presentation, leaving our staff with positive memories and several areas upon which we could focus on moving forward.” - W.G., CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, COMPANIONS & HOMEMAKER

"As a participant in our virtual panel, Kristina Hallett provided exceptional information as it related to the topic of embracing change. She conveyed every point with detail and spoke so eloquently to the room. Her energy was phenomenal and coupled with her spunky personality, it keep the conversation lively and engaging.  - S.P., PROGRAM AND ENGAGEMENT MANAGER, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL WOMEN

"Dr. Kristina Hallett may have literally saved my life today! As a perfectionist I have trouble letting myself "off the hook". In under an hour, this funny, validating and uplifting dynamo taught me and my group of women a few simple yet life changing ways to personally " destress " not only ourselves but those around us through laughter. Loving ourselves enough to laugh at the ridiculous insanities of life that could destroy us is easy once you learn. It starts with " HA HA HA " and ends with a healthier more forgiving and happier me! Thank you Dr. Hallett. I can't wait to read your new book, OWN BEST FRIEND". -L.T., PRESIDENT, PEO CHAPTER AJ

 "I loved your workshop: very practical, relevant and with great sense of humour :)"  - A.M.

Participant Feedback

I had the pleasure of booking Dr. Kristina Hallett to speak for my eWomenNetwork Greater Hartford chapter meeting on Ditch Multitasking: More Energy, Less Time. Dr. Kristina Hallett is fun, engaging and very inspiring. She gave an interactive informative talk packed with helpful tools that everyone could start utilizing right away. We all walked away with a new perspective and full of motivation.

- A.H., Managing Director, eWomen Network

Participant Feedback

Kristina Hallett introduced our students and staff to "Own Best Friend" through two wonderful, interactive workshops. She inspired, energized and helped us all to be a bit kinder to ourselves and others. In our hectic and often worrisome world, our time with Dr. Hallett was an oasis of gladness and peace.

M.R., Director of WELL and Community Life at Bay Path University

Participant Feedback

"Dr. Hallett is well educated and informed.  She communicated effectively and did not rely on her papers or the PowerPoint.  Great energy, well spoken, good examples to follow up statements that were made."

"She is really wonderful, a wealth of knowledge.  She has so many examples at hand, always ready to answer questions from the group which results in real in-depth learning."

"She is totally awesome!  She is so empowering and she LIVES what she preaches.  She is the REAL deal!" 

"The speaker was very knowledgeable and she delivered with depth and understanding.  Her presentation was well received."

Participant Feedback

"Very helpful information.  Relatable through all aspects of life, not only workplace.  Kristina was very enjoyable to listen to and very effective and positive."

"She inspired us with her ideas and how to cope with situations."

"It was a very interactive session.  Kristina listened to everyone's point of view and gave insightful feedback.  She knew the material and everyone was involved in the presentation."

Participant Feedback

“Kristina Hallett recently did a seminar at our college (Asnuntuck Community College) regarding how to re-wire our brains with new pathways for happier and more fulfilling lives. She was engaging, informative and a lot of fun. Our students, faculty, staff and administration loved this extremely interactive seminar. By the end of the hour, my face ached from smiling so much. One of my students described it as having been introduced to a new plane of consciousness. I have had numerous requests to have her back to our college!”

- Sherry Paquette, Director of Student Activities, Asnuntuck Community College

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