Is there a difference between therapy and coaching?

Yes! Therapy is a very specific form of assistance.  It is often paid for through health insurance and has rules and regulations regarding privacy, confidentiality, mandated reporting, "medical necessity" and types of contact. Therapy is usually the modality of choice for treatment of mental health issues. Please do not contact me for therapy requests on this page.

Coaching is a more goal-oriented service, and tends to address issues of personal development and life choices. Coaching generally involves developing and implementing a specific plan for change. Coaching is often a shorter committment (although not always!).  Your coaching sessions are also private and confidential, although not governed by the same rules regarding mandatory reporting. Insurance does not cover coaching.

Is Coaching an individual service?

Coaching may be individual, or group sessions. Coaching may also be in person or virtual (through video and audio sessions).


Consultation and Supervision:

Per hour $300.00


By application - fees vary depending on service requested


Fees vary depending on service requested and travel. In-person and Virtual speaking options available.